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Replacing SAP IQ – Why Yellowbrick?

Yellowbrick: the Next Best Step for SAP IQ End of Life

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Although the SAP IQ end of life has not been officially announced, the platform faces an uncertain future. SAP IQ support is ending, and the only updates will be bug fixes and security modifications.

Many customers are seeking the simplest, least expensive, most scalable analytics database platform that can be quickly deployed and substituted for SAP IQ.

“We believe Yellowbrick’s data warehouse technology leaps ahead of anything on the market after seeing firsthand what it can do for our analytics.”

--Josh Woods, Citadel Securities

Yellowbrick Expands on All the Benefits of SAP IQ

Yellowbrick’s architecture provides a flexible, future-proof platform that meets any deployment need. A modern, open, and elastic data warehouse, Yellowbrick runs consistently across cloud and on-premises with predictable and controllable costs. Here are the features that make Yellowbrick a superior replacement for SAP IQ customers:

FeaturesYellowbrickSAP IQ
Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, or On-Premises Deployment
Best-of-Breed Data Load Performance
Best-of-Breed Query Performance
Best-of-Breed System Scalability (e.g., as data volumes and # of users grow)
Best-of-Breed Query Concurrency (i.e., Workload) Management
No Need to Declare Indexes
Multi-Database Support
Data Encryption at Rest with Zero Performance Impact
Fully Transactional Behavior for Multiple Writers and Readers-vs.-Writers
Performance Scalability
Dynamically (Transparently) Redistributes Data Across Additional Nodes When Capacity is Added
Architecture Emphasizes Minimal Human Maintenance
Superior Integration with ETL and BI Tools (By Virtue of SQL Compatibility with Postgres)
Simple, Cost-Effective Subscription Pricing
High-Availability with Built-In Replication Services(Built-In)Partially Supported
(Add-On Component
Ready Availability of DBA’s(Postgres)Retiring
Proven Columnstore Relational Database
Compliant with SQL Standards
Designed for Analytics Workload on Large Data Sets
Deploy On-Premises and On Infrastructure as a Service
The Next Step for SAP IQ Users

Organizations looking for an SAP IQ upgrade need a solution that keeps up with modern-day market volumes.

Download the whitepaper to learn how to:

  • Load data in minutes vs. hours
  • Run queries in seconds, not minutes
  • Save millions with predictable costs
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with open standards that ensure portability of data and workloads

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