Yellowbrick Beats Cloud-Only Options on Price/Performance

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Up to 10x Better Price/Performance than the Leading Cloud Options

Cloud computing is a poor choice for always-on data warehouses. The costs are high, enterprise functionality such as workload management and stored procedures is lacking, and performance ranges from unpredictably mediocre for queries to unacceptably bad for ETL-heavy workloads. Specifically, where companies need an always-on data warehouse that runs in today’s hybrid cloud environments, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse offers substantial business and operational benefits compared to the leading cloud-based offerings for the following reasons:

  • Up to 10x better price/performance
  • Predictable performance running mixed workloads
  • Up to 100x better performance of ETL-heavy workloads
  • Support for real-time ingest of trickle-feed data
  • Support for stored procedures
  • Support for third party BI, ETL and data mining tools

Out-of-the-box, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse interoperates with Amazon S3-compatible storage as well as HDFS to ease interoperability in hybrid environments.

Superior Price Performance

TPC-DS 10TB Cumulative Runtime
  • Yellowbrick
  • Snowflake

Snowflake large vs. Yellowbrick Data standard large

The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse offers 5x batch and 10x interactive query performance at 25% the cost of Snowflake when running industry standard 10TB data warehouse benchmarks. Plus, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse is always-on with no setup or take down time.

Consistent Results, Guaranteed Response Times

Running typical concurrent, mixed workloads, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse delivers consistent, predictable results compared to Snowflake. This is because our architecture isn’t reliant on data caching and runs on a fully integrated and optimized database, compute, storage and network stack. In turn, this enables IT to meet required SLAs and ensure queries complete within known timeframes.

Query Runtime (min/avg/max)
(smaller is better)
  • Yellowbrick
  • Snowflake

TPC-DS 10TB – Query 6 Distribution at 8x Concurrency

Ability to Support Mixed Workload Environments

Data Ingest and Modification
  • Snowflake

Snowflake large vs. Yellowbrick Data standard large

Workloads running large numbers of INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements (including bulk operations) run poorly on cloud-based databases due to their reliance on immutable S3 shared storage. The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse’s flash-based architecture is built and optimized for tasks such as ETL pushdown, in-place ELT, data wrangling and de-normalization and enables these tasks to execute over 100x more efficiently.

Client-based Insert
  • Snowflake
  • Yellowbrick

Snowflake large vs. Yellowbrick Data standard large

Furthermore, many applications routinely use row INSERT operations – for realtime ingest (e.g. streaming data) and for a wide range of application specific logging and auditing purposes. Such operations routinely run 50-100 times faster on Yellowbrick, preserving existing application and ETL architectures and eliminating the need to re-architect workarounds for cloud-based DWaaS INSERT performance deficiencies.


The Yellowbrick Data Warehouse offers features and functions for enterprise workloads that are simply unavailable in cloud-based data warehouses including support for stored procedures and real-time data ingest. Financially, if your organization needs an always-on data warehouse or to run on reserved cloud instances, the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse offers substantially higher performance at a fraction of the cost of solutions from cloud providers.