The What, Why, and How of the Distributed Data Cloud

Distributed data cloud is an architectural approach that includes a service-driven data warehouse, a common management framework & an open ecosystem with distributed environments.

09 May 2022

The Emergence of the Distributed Data Cloud

Data Warehouse companies today are running applications and storing data in a hybrid computing environment that spans on-premises, one or more clouds and the edge.

02 May 2022

The Distributed Cloud Requires a Distributed Data Platform

Yellowbrick provides a distributed data platform with multiple cloud providers so that the data architecture of the future will need to span multiple cloud. The cloud providers have responded to this need with distributed cloud architecture.

26 Apr 2022

Global gumption

Global expansion is an increasingly promising option for companies that want to hit the next level, learn more about the yellowbrick global nature benefits and challenges for business.

01 Mar 2022

There are no "snow days" for business data

If your data warehouse is critical to your business, peace of mind isn’t a luxury

30 Jun 2021

The Cloud is dead, long live the Cloud

Freedom to choose deployment models doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the advantages of the cloud

08 Jun 2021

The barriers keep falling: Announcing Andromeda and Yellowbrick Manager

These new product releases continue to push the price/performance envelope for customers

06 Apr 2021

Data warehousing for distributed clouds

Data is becoming more distributed, and data warehouses will have to adapt. But how?

06 Apr 2021

Data warehousing is converging on hybrid cloud/multi-cloud

Yellowbrick brings a hybrid/multi-cloud approach to data analytics in the form of a modern MPP data warehouse that offers the freedom to deploy anywhere.

10 Feb 2021

Modernizing your data warehouse for hybrid cloud analytics

Yellowbrick Offers New Whitepaper: Modernizing Your Data Warehouse for Hybrid Cloud Analytics

19 May 2020

451 Research report: The strategic advantages of hybrid cloud data warehousing

To be truly data-driven, enterprises need to analyze their data wherever it resides – whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud. And it’s not enough to have separate hybrid cloud and data analytics strategies running in parallel.

18 May 2020

How to avoid drowning in your data lake

Avoid drowning in your data lake by augmenting the cheap storage with a full modern, purpose-built analytics environment.

24 Apr 2020