Yellowbrick Data Warehouse Brings Power Through Simplicity

Yellowbrick’s mission is to make analytics and data warehousing simple. Replace racks of hardware with an easy to manage turn-key solution. Yellowbrick delivers an optimized analytic database and advanced software that eliminates tasks that consume hours of IT and DBA staff time, all while improving service and insight quality.

Simple and Easy

Shrink Your Footprint

Forget fork-lifting racks. Yellowbrick replaces racks of data warehouse hardware, significantly reducing floor space, power, and cooling costs. It’s not uncommon to shrink 6 racks to 6U.
Easy to deploy and easier to maintain Yellowbrick delivers a turn-key solution and includes standard services designed to let you stay focused on business.

All Workloads, All the Time

Enterprises can run ad-hoc queries mixed with large batch queries, business reports alongside ETL processes, or bulk loads at the same time as ODBC inserts, or all of these at the same time, at significantly faster rates.
Any Data Workload
Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Yellowbrick Assisted Support provides advanced 24x7 predictive monitoring, easing the load on your DBAs and ensure the health and availability of your warehouse.

Spend Less Time Tuning

Plow through data 10-100x faster with Yellowbrick. Ad-hoc workloads on Yellowbrick run faster than heavily tuned, indexed queries on other data warehouses.
More Efficient Data Warehouse

With Yellowbrick, enterprises can finally achieve the complete, accurate, and timely insights they need to run their business without managing large complex systems that require continual tuning and maintenance.

Technical Specifications