Data Warehousing Without Limits

While legacy platforms like Netezza struggle to stay relevant, and cloud-only options like Snowflake suffer from a reliance on VMs running on commodity hardware, Yellowbrick shatters ceilings on price/performance and deployment flexibility across on-premises and cloud environments.

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Get 100X

Let thousands of users run ad hoc queries 10x-100x faster than any legacy or cloud-only data warehouse, on PBs of data. Plus, query real-time and at-rest data simultaneously.


Deploy applications everywhere — on-premises, in multiple public clouds, or both — with the same data and performance everywhere (and no data egress charges).


Pay a fraction of what other options charge you via fixed-cost subscriptions for budget certainty -- the more queries you run, the lower the cost per query.

Ask More from Your Data Warehouse

Traditional data warehouses are built on stale, aging architectures that can’t keep up with the times. SQL-on-Hadoop engines never met the promise of enabling ad hoc analytics at scale on top of data lakes. And cloud-only options are either built on VMs that can never reliably deliver the performance at scale needed by business-critical applications, or run on customized hardware that locks you in.

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse fills that gap with a modern, standards-based MPP analytic database that shatters ceilings on price/performance, achieving 100X performance at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. It offers:

  • Industry-leading price/performance for ad hoc analytics on real-time data
  • Flexibility to deploy in a data center/private cloud, public cloud(s), or both (hybrid/multi-cloud)
  • Works with common BI, data science, and data motion tools
  • High availability for SaaS applications
  • ANSI SQL compliance/PostgreSQL front end for streamlined migration and management
  • Enterprise-class security & compliance (HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP)

Pick a Cloud, Any Cloud

Unlike legacy or cloud-only platforms that limit your deployment options, Yellowbrick Data Warehouse can be consumed as a service across data centers, private clouds, and/or multiple major public clouds, with the same data and performance everywhere. That approach streamlines and de-risks cloud journeys by enabling migration of workloads to, or from, the cloud based on your needs.

Explore Hybrid Cloud Architecture
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"The power of Yellowbrick, combined with our deep knowledge of the data and proprietary algorithms, will produce insights that were impossible before."

— Atul Jain, Chairman & CEO, TEOCO

Get More Information

Eeconomics of yellowbrick data warehouse image
Economics of Yellowbrick Data Warehouse
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Yellowbrick Data Warehouse Datasheet
yellowbrick in the cloud: private, public or hybrid image
Yellowbrick in the cloud: Private, public, or hybrid
build a data lakehouse with yellowbrick image
Build a “data lakehouse” with Yellowbrick

Partner Ecosystem

Yellowbrick Data partners offer best-of-breed solutions for BI/data visualization, security, data motion, and consulting and integration, complementing Yellowbrick Data Warehouse’s industry-leading speed and flexibility. The ecosystem is growing fast, so check back here often for updates.

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