Data warehousing is converging on hybrid cloud/multi-cloud


February 10, 2021

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Hybrid cloud architecture is an IT approach in which data center/private cloud and public cloud infrastructure can be used together, giving adopters the flexibility to run workloads wherever it makes the most sense. For example, customers in regulated industries may have strict compliance requirements for geo-location, and those in telecommunications or manufacturing may struggle with data gravity challenges that make centralizing data far away from its source a non-starter. In those cases, a hybrid approach is not only desirable but unavoidable.

Those needs are widespread. According to the Flexera 2020 “State of the Cloud” report, more than 80 percent of organizations either have or want to have a hybrid cloud and/or multi-cloud strategy – and there is a lot of other public research with similar findings. (Note that in some cases, “hybrid cloud” and “multi-cloud” are used as synonyms, with the latter taken to include private and public clouds.)

Yellowbrick brings this approach to data analytics in the form of a modern MPP data warehouse that offers the freedom to deploy anywhere. You can deploy Yellowbrick Data Warehouse in your data center/private cloud, as SaaS in all three major public clouds via Private Link, and both (hybrid). Furthermore, Yellowbrick offers a predictable OPEX subscription however you deploy, with no data egress or other hidden charges from us, ever.

Among other things, this approach lets you:

  • Create multi-cloud analytic applications Connect to a reserved, single-tenant Yellowbrick data warehouse in AWS VPCs, Azure VNets, in GCP VPCs simultaneously with sub-10ms latency.
  • De-risk cloud journeys Our unified hybrid architecture lets you keep workloads on-premises without complicating other cloud migrations, as well as to move workloads back and forth as needed.
  • Link private and public cloud instances Hybrid architecture lets you build cloud apps that utilize on-premises ETL or take advantage of cloud DR strategies that enable 100% on-premises utilization.

For an industry view of our approach, read this New 451 Research Report (“Yellowbrick builds its case for hybrid- and multicloud data warehousing”).

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