Simple, Predictable, Affordable:

Data Warehouse Pricing Done Right

The fastest data warehouse for hybrid and multi-cloud environments costs a fraction of Netezza, Teradata, and other legacy platforms, and eliminates the hidden fees of cloud-only vendors like AWS and Snowflake.

“Bank accounts don't scale like the cloud.”
- InfoWorld, June 15, 2020

For critical workloads, always-on performance at a fixed cost brings big savings

We believe that legacy vendors charge you too much, and that cloud-only vendors take advantage of charging hidden and unpredictable consumption-based fees. Instead, we offer a fixed-cost annual subscription, priced by node, whether you consume our service from a private cloud or any major public cloud. With always-on, single-tenant access to industry-leading speed whether you consume analytics on premises or via the public cloud, you get price/performance that nobody else can beat — the more you use your Yellowbrick Data Warehouse, the lower the cost per query!

If a quick POC is what motivates your interest in elasticity, we’ve got you covered there, too: Yellowbrick POCs can generally be set up in hours, so you’ll be running meaningful analytics in no time without any manual data preparation (like building indexes or cubes) needed.

More Speed Leads to More Business

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Industry-leading Price/Performance

Even with performance that leaves legacy alternatives in the dust, Yellowbrick still generally costs a 5th of their price (your mileage may vary). And that doesn’t include potentially millions in data center costs.

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Always-on at a Fixed Price

For long-running workloads like ETL, always-on at a fixed price beats elasticity any day. Whether you use a private and/or major public cloud, Yellowbrick offers an always-on, single-tenant instance type that’s available through a fixed-cost subscription.

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No Hidden Cloud Fees

The cloud-only vendors strangle you with unpredictable, inconsistent, and hidden fees for extras like data egress and bandwidth — contributing to the 30% of cloud spend reported as “wasted” by users. But Yellowbrick costs what the sticker says it does. No more surprises!

Percentage of Cloud Spend Wasted

% waste of all respondents

Wasted Spend (30%)
Efficient Spend (70%)

N-750 | Source: 2020 Flexera State of the Cloud Report

cloud spend graph - 30% wasted spend

Yellowbrick Data Warehouse Configurations

User Data
  • L: 140TB
  • XL: 280TB
  • XXL: 560TB
Most Popular Option
User Data
  • L: 280TB
  • XL: 560TB
  • XXL: 1,120TB
User Data
  • L: 600TB
  • XL: 1,200TB
  • XXL: 2,400TB
User Data
  • L: 955TB
  • XL: 1,910TB
  • XXL: 3,825TB