Dramatic performance improvements enable more retail AI analytics

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November 26, 2018

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Leading provider of Artificial Intelligence-based decision platforms, solutions, and customer-centric insights achieves 3-10x performance, enhances management, and consolidates cloud and on-premises platforms onto a single, easy-to-manage Yellowbrick Data system.

Case Study Category

  • Retail Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence Analytics

Customer Benefits

  • 3 to 10x performance for faster insights
  • Consolidated cloud and on-premises platforms into a single system
  • Seamless adoption with standards-based technology
  • Enhanced management capabilities with detailed query visibility
  • Improved predictive insight through additional AI analytics

Dramatic performance improvements

Symphony RetailAI is the leading global provider of Artificial Intelligence-enabled decision platforms, solutions and customer-centric insights that drive validated growth for retailers and CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) manufacturers, from customer intelligence to personalized marketing, merchandising and category management, to supply chain and retail operations.

Nigel Pratt, SVP Technology described his team’s challenge: “We have a ton of data that comes from the retailers, including all transactional point of sale information as well as information about their promotions and pricing. We collect all that information and synthesize that down into actual insights a retailer or supplier can then use to understand their customer and provide understanding of their promotions, personalized marketing, pricing, and assortment.”

Complex traditional management

The existing Symphony RetailAI solution required managing data across multiple locations for cloud, data center, and on-premises platforms. Nigel said, “we were looking for a solution where we could reduce the number of platforms we had and provide a faster response time to user queries.”

Enter Yellowbrick Data.

The simplicity of a single system

Yellowbrick Data gave Nigel’s team a single solution to manage that consolidated their three platforms into a single system. Nigel told us: “We’ll be able to consolidate a number of different platforms onto the Yellowbrick Data system—a system that’s so small, the team couldn’t believe it had 150TB of storage.”

consolidates multiple platforms into a single system

Figure 1: Yellowbrick Data consolidates multiple platforms into a single system.

Yellowbrick Data uses standards-based technologies, which made it easy for Nigel’s team to jump in and start using it immediately. Nigel told us: “Yellowbrick Data gave us very good support, but the system was easy use to begin with because there was a lot of commonality with the systems we already had. We had six engineers touch the system and all of them found the system very easy to use.”

Query performance

The Yellowbrick Data interface also gave Nigel’s team capabilities they did not have before: “the administration interface was very easy and informative for all of our users,” Nigel said. “We could see how the queries were forming and get insights into the execution plans that were being done on the system.”

Query performance

Figure 2: Yellowbrick Data enables administrators to view and track query details.

3-10x faster performance

Yellowbrick Data dramatically improved the performance over their existing system, enabling Nigel’s team to enhance the customer experience and accelerate time to insight.  Nigel told us: “Our standard processes saw a 3x to 10x performance improvement, without any performance tuning—running them ‘as is.’” In contrast, Nigel said the eight to 10 other cloud and on-premises solutions his team tested delivered just “marginal improvements.”

A growth platform for the future

In addition to accelerating customer queries, Nigel’s team plans to use the performance capabilities of Yellowbrick Data to foster new innovation. Nigel says: “We’ll be able to add more AI analytics onto the platform and turn our focus to providing more predictive insights into our data.”

A clear path forward

The opportunities Yellowbrick Data creates for Symphony RetailAI excites Nigel, who states: “We’re expanding Yellowbrick Data out to multiple customers across the globe. We’re also trying to get other applications auto-running on Yellowbrick Data because we think we can consolidate even more solutions onto the Yellowbrick Data platform.”

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