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Today, the world is facing a crisis greater than anything seen in over 100 years. Our hope lies in researchers like you, tirelessly working on every facet of the fight against the virus: vaccines, tests, treatments, and a deeper understanding of COVID-19 itself. To help accelerate your research, Yellowbrick is offering researchers free access to Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse.

Yellowbrick accelerates research and discovery with:

  • Reduced time-to-insight for complex analytics over very large structured analytic datasets (for example, test results)
  • High concurrency, so multiple researchers pursuing multiple lines of inquiry can work on the same dataset with no loss of performance
  • Extreme scalability for increasing loads of data
  • Support for BI, visualization and statistics tools including Tableau, Microstrategy, Domo, Sisense, SAS, R, Spark, Python, and more
  • Hybrid functionality, so researchers can work either on-premises, in the cloud, or any combination of the two:
    • Working in the cloud allows for easy access to shared resources like medical libraries, and public domain information to explore genome, protein function, polymorphisms and the like
    • Simple integration with in-the-firewall or on-premises datasets so information like R&D datasets or clinical trials can be shared securely with no risk of disclosure

To qualify, organizations must:

  • Be actively working on a vaccine for COVID-19
  • Agree to use Yellowbrick as part of that research or analysis directly related to the development of a vaccine
  • Agree to a standard Yellowbrick Cloud License


If you’re interested in partnering with Yellowbrick to speed time-to-vaccine for researchers, please contact us at

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Virtusa offers implementation consulting and access to their Life Science platform, vLife™. With vLife™, you can connect a broad range of clinical, drug development, and media sources to Yellowbrick.

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ScaleMatrix is now providing advanced data center services and HIPAA-hosting expertise for free with Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse, to accelerate the development of a vaccine for COVID-19.

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