Why Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick offers the only data warehouse designed to address the challenges of distributed data across distributed clouds. Yellowbrick Data Warehouse delivers the best price/performance economics in the industry in every IT environment: private clouds, public clouds, and the network edge, whether on physical or virtualized infrastructure.

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Fastest time-to-insight on real-time and at-rest data

Yellowbrick brings blazing-fast performance to the most demanding batch, real-time, interactive, and mixed workloads for 1000s of users, from a single terabyte to multiple petabytes. It’s not uncommon for our users to see their workloads run 100X faster and beyond.

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Best data warehouse economics

With fixed-rate subscriptions that cost a fraction of legacy and cloud alternatives, we offer the best data warehouse economics in the industry. The more queries you run, the lower the cost per query.

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Unique architecture brings pure speed anywhere

We’ve re-engineered the scale-out analytic database to do more computation with less CPU, store more data far more efficiently, and move data across networks faster than anything else in the industry. The result is adaptive “cut-through” architecture that makes Yellowbrick blazing-fast in any environment across distributed clouds.

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Easy to migrate and integrate

Migrate from any legacy platform quickly and easily; we’ll work with you along the way to validate use cases and metrics. A familiar PostgreSQL front end ensures compatibility with enterprise tools and open source ecosystems.

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Commitment to customer success

Customer support is a core competency, and we’re proud that we can claim an exceptional Net Promoter Score. We won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with your Yellowbrick experience.

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