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Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse is a state-of-the-art, MPP analytics database that helps you get the most value from all your data by combining everything you love about on-premises and cloud data warehouses-including industry-leading speed and concurrency, agile and elastic provisioning, and a predictable subscription pricing model. Unlike other data warehouses, Yellowbrick’s architecture provides a flexible, future-proof platform that meets any deployment need across private, public, and hybrid/distributed clouds.

Best “Return on Data”

Yellowbrick brings blazing-fast performance to the most demanding batch, real-time, interactive, and mixed workloads for up to 1000s of users, from a single terabyte to multiple petabytes. It’s common for customers to see their queries and reports run 10x-100X faster and beyond, and for ETL processes to complete in minutes instead of hours or hours instead of days. That, combined with predictable subscription pricing that costs a fraction of alternatives (while preventing cost overruns), provides the best price/performance economics in the industry.

Performance and concurrency for any SQL workload

We’ve re-engineered the scale-out analytic database to do more computation with less CPU, store more data more efficiently, manage more workloads and queries, and move data across networks faster than anything else in the industry. Our unique “adaptive cut-through architecture” lets Yellowbrick handle any data processing challenge by getting the most performance value from whatever instance type it runs on, whether in a private data center or a public cloud.

Designed for enterprise values

Yellowbrick makes reliability, security, and manageability core design principles for meeting the highest enterprise requirements. Customers like BMW Financial Services, LexisNexis, and one of the world’s Top 10 FinServ companies rely on Yellowbrick’s single-system resilience for their most business-critical analytic workloads.

Our “private by default” stance on customer data means that there is no risk of human error leading to a data exposure, and virtually zero operational effort is required to keep your workloads running at peak performance.

Control your own data, even in the cloud

Control access to your own data in the cloud. Your data warehouse runs in your own VPC and public cloud account, not through an intermediary like Snowflake, which intermixes data from different customers. With Yellowbrick your data is fully isolated, providing a true single-tenant solution to help meet compliance needs.

Future proof and standards based

Yellowbrick works seamlessly in any on-premises or cloud (as DWaaS or self-managed instances) environment and makes migrations fast and easy. PostgreSQL compatibility ensures easy integration with all your on-premises BI (Tableau, SAS, etc.), data motion (Kafka, Informatica, etc.), and data science (Python, R) tools, and many workloads can be migrated with no query modifications.

Our customers love us

Customer support is a core competency, and we’re proud to claim an exceptional Net Promoter Score and a virtually perfect retention rate. We won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with your Yellowbrick experience.

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