Yellowbrick and MicroStrategy Partnership


February 3, 2020> Back to Newsroom >

We’re happy to announce a technology partnership with MicroStrategy, one of the world’s leaders in enterprise analytics and mobility software, providing our joint users with a simple integration of MicroStrategy analytics with the Yellowbrick data warehouse.

The combination of Yellowbrick Data’s modern analytical database and MicroStrategy’s analytics software provides real-time visibility into all workloads running on your system, fast performance for complex queries, and enables high concurrency of users and queries.

Integrating these two technologies closely together allows enterprises to make better decisions based on rich data, no matter where it resides, on-prem, in the cloud or both. This solution helps customers break down barriers and enable actionable insights into complex business problems delivered in seconds, hidden within massive amounts of data.

Benefits of the partnership include:

  • Multi-cloud support at high query speeds
  • Performance can be queried and scaled according to need
  • Instant insight with faster dashboards, business critical reports and ad hoc queries
  • Support for thousands of concurrent users
  • Scales to petabytes of data
  • Support for simultaneous, mixed workloads, including real-time inserts of IoT and OLTP data
  • Fastest performance at the lowest cost

Here at Yellowbrick, we’re excited to build our partnership with MicroStrategy. Enterprises face challenges to meet modern analytics and data warehouse demands, and traditional data warehouses are overloaded and can’t cost-effectively support ad hoc queries. Through our collaboration with MicroStrategy, our customers can leverage real-time data insights to focus on maximizing revenue, margins and overall business efficiency.

Allen Holmes is Vice President of Business Development at Yellowbrick Data.

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